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tower crane spare parts

  1. Mast section (R78, M619, L68)
  2. Jib
  3. Counter jib
  4. Anchorage (1/60 & 2 m)
  5. Fixing angle
  6. Structural fasteners
  7. Joints and pins
  8. Screws and pins

Production of all kinds of intelligent control panel (inverter)

Advantages of using an inverter panel in tower crane:

Control system in Tower crane, Batching plant and Construction hoist is based on resistance and contactor system. This system prevents engine speed increase, which results in increased power consumption, energy dissipation, severe engine depreciation and ultimately leads to engine failure.

Advantages of intelligent control system (inverter) compared to LMD-RSC systems:

Disadvantages of the LMD-RSC system (old panel):

  1. The use of control blocks, due to the smallest connection or leakage, during the failure of industrial devices, leads to high repairs cost, rebuilding and waste of time in the project.
  2. Any incident involving damage to contactors, burning bobbin or plugging the platinum can cause the device to quickly shut down.
  3. The aforementioned systems are leads to a waste of energy, a high pressure on the energy source, depreciation a source of energy and high maintenance and repair costs.

Advantages of Inverter Panel:

  1. Save at least %50 energy consumption
  2. Reduced power consumption and pressure on the power source
  3. The heavier the load, the more power consumed (Load tonnage = Power consumption current)
  4. Depreciation decreases and engines life lengthened
  5. Avoid operator mistakes, possible tensions and reduce side risks with intelligent PLC control system.
  6. Multilingual troubleshooting and displaying the process of the device
  7. Record the function of the device every moment
  8. Complete removal of old panels, contactors and resistors (Resistance Box)
  9. Remove the coal and Slip Rims Engine system
  10. Uninterrupted engagement of the industrial engines, which will always result in a motor as a standby power engine.
  11. Compliance with the safety systems against two phases, device connections and sudden pressures
  12. These panels intelligently adjust the pressure ratio of the device and automatically request the energy from the source.

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