Aryasanaat Group Manifesto

Aryasanaat knows that the customer is the main asset and encouragement, therefore, it always focuses on four principles in its work plan:

  • Commitment and discipline in work
  • Quality of products
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Customer orientation

1- Commitment and discipline in work:

Timely delivery of goods and services is very important principle in the process of project implementation and play a decisive role in the group’s equations, the observance of this principle is very effective in keeping old customers and attractive new customers. therefore, commitment and discipline is all Aryasanaat employee’s primary task from management level to executive and they attempt to adhere to it.

2- Quality of products:

Our purpose is to be able to approach the strengthening of national production, continuous improvement of products quality and customer satisfaction and we produce the best quality that is competitive with foreign products and supply to domestic and foreign customers.

3- Creativity and innovation:

We believe that manufacturers who are satisfied to old and existing schemes are convicted to leave the competition cycle. so, before any action, by taking advantage of modern technology, international standards and relying on the efficient expertise of specialists, every moment we think about principles of innovation, optimization, efficiency and improve our products and services and we have put the changes in charge of our affairs. thereby we try to strengthen our position among honorable competitors.

4- Customer orientation:

Our survival depends on trust, satisfaction and maintaining long-term and deep relationship with customers. therefore, Aryasanaat group try its best to create a space full of respect, justice and fairness, understand and meet the present and future needs and expectations of customers. customer is always right and we believe it.