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Platform is designed according to the needs of construction companies such as work safety, manpower and also for ease of design and implementation of the facade. Platform is a safe, secure and fast replacement with high efficiency and performance which is used in various capacities.

Advantages of the platform compared to the fixed scaffolding (the construction of a 15-story building):

  1. Use of the latest technology in the world
  2. Used for facades of buildings in different capacities
  3. Increase length up to 40 m, width 2.5 m and height 140 m
  4. Easy to carry and high speed (one complete device needs one trailer)
  5. Quick and easy installation (1/15 fixed scaffolding)
  6. Fast and easy disassembling (1/15 fixed scaffolding)
  7. Very high safety
  8. Need less space compared to fixed scaffolding
  9. Removing tower cranes or any lifters
  10. The speed of transfer of materials or people to any level of the building’s façade
  11. Run on curved views
  12. Wide after sales service
  13. Cost-effective in projects
  14. Multiplying efficiency gains
  15. Intelligent control system (inverter)
  16. It has ISO and various standards with warranty and high risk insurance

Technical specification


A-E P20

A-E P30

A-E P40

ُSpeed 9m/min 9m/min 9m/min
Max height 120m 140m 140m
Max length

Single 7m

Double 20m

Single 10.5m

Double 30m

Single 15m

Double 40m

Max telescopic expansion 2m 3m 3m
Mast section shape Triangle Quadrangle Quadrangle
Mast section dimension 1.49×0.50×0.50mm 1.49×0.50×0.50mm 1.49×0.50×0.50mm
Mast section weight 40Kg 63Kg 88Kg
Platform weight (L=1500) 80Kg 115Kg 130Kg
Platform weight (L=800) 40Kg 80Kg 95Kg
Connection distance Max 6m Max 6m Max 6m
Voltage 380V/50Hertz 380V/50Hertz 380V/50Hertz
Engine power

Single 2Kw

Double 2×3Kw

Single 2×3Kw

Double 4×3Kw

Single 2×3Kw

Double 4×3Kw

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